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CCTV Rental

Looking for security system? CCTV or Alarm?

  Yes, You are at the right place to rent these out without investment!!


But not sure how do you start for right solution?

  No problem at all. Just call us for free consulting and quotation!

Why wait when you can




We provide high performance, no nonsence security products delivered in a timely professional manner.

MAXCOM is a security focused installer and repairer operating in the greater Auckland area since 1998. Through years of experience and testing we've put together a range of systems that have proven to be the most reliable off the shelf solutions possible. 


In our experience no one manufacturer or supplier provides a complete range of equipment that satisfies all of our requirements. As a result we pick and choose from the best each has to offer combined with best practice installation methods to provide systems that will perform beyond your expectations. 


If you’re looking for a security systems company who can provide you with high performance physical protection systems, you've come to the right place. Check out our list of services to see how we can help.